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Some articles and other documents I've written

that you may find helpful.

Everyday Resources

A guide that my wife an I wrote to help those who want to do movie discussion nights themselves. Includes capsule movie reviews to 2010 (I got too busy after that to keep it up.

A super-short article I wrote in 2010 for a Welsh evangelical magazine about why engaging popular culture intentionally is a good idea for Christians.

Another super-short article I wrote in April 2013 for Table Talk magazine. I grew up with Table Talk sitting on our coffee table, so it was a thrill for me to write this.

A piece I did for Christ and Pop Culture in 2014 in which I apply the "popologetics" analysis to one of my most beloved fandoms: Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Scholarly Articles

An early essay I did for Calvin Theological Journal in 2002. If you want to know the theoretical underpinnings of my approach to popular culture,

this is for you.

A later essay I did around the time I was publishing Popologetics. It goes into deeper theological detail about the relationship between popular culture, desire, and apologetics

(with a special emphasis on eschatology).

A 2013 essay I wrote comparing the comic version and the film version of Road to Perdition to show how Hollywood secularizes its cultural works, but not by removing the sacred. Rather, they sacralize other, secular aspects of life (in this case, fatherhood).

A two-part essay I wrote for Foundations in 2016 in the form of a fake documentary screenplay in which I interrogate various options for Christian cultural engagement. Fun piece to write.

Another Christ and Pop Culture from 2015 where I reflect on my experience at a fan convention listening to people talk about fanfic.

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